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Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here and potential weather events include hurricanes, tropical storms, and severe thunder storms. It is of the utmost importance that the exterior of your units and lanais be prepared.
1. All furniture and ornaments should be removed from the lanais.
2. Remove any loose items, door mats, plants, pots, decorations, place inside condo or in a storage room.
3. During high wind storms these items can become projectiles and cause major damage to people and property.
4. Close lanais hurricane shades when off property for more than a day or two.
If you are not at your unit, please have your caretaker remove and store these items. Proper preparations for hurricane season Unit owner responsibility, and not that of management or maintenance. Stan will secure association property only when a storm is imminent

CLICK HERE to view a check off list for you to refer to when you are preparing to leave for an extended period of time.